The Dark Continent

For Logan and me, the future has always felt certain: a life of ranching in rural Nebraska, eventually. It’s the now that has been in constant flux for the past few years. We can’t seem to contain the scope of our dreams and since our bags are always packed anyway, we’ve decided to keep moving. After our season in Aspen we felt the urge to stretch out a bit further than previously planned.

Come Monday we’ll be on our way to Africa. In a rented 4×4 Toyota Hilux with a rooftop tent we’ll self-safari Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa over six weeks. We have a few other domestic jaunts mapped out this summer but until then, take a look and fire away with tips and suggestions.

Published by Brianna

A constant reader, sometimes writer, and forever dreamer. I'm a California native attempting to navigate the flat lands of the Nebraska plains.

11 thoughts on “The Dark Continent

    1. There are tons of options, we were blown away. You can rent anything you could possibly dream up including the high end landies and troopies. We ended up going with a company called Britz 4×4 because they were the best budget option for long term travel.

  1. Have a great time in Southern Africa, looks like you will cover all the good parts. Would have been great to meet up, but we are a bit too far North 🙂

  2. Enjoy…. although I love many places around the world, Africa is always in my heart and it always hurts a little bit to leave.

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