The Best of the West

We’ve been stationary for six months, nostalgic for the road. Over 25 days we’ll hit 2 countries  10 states, and 4000 miles to hob nob around our old haunts and catch some surf before the snow. San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Baja California, Arches, and Zion are  a few of the highlights. Check out our route below and feel free to comment, we love suggestions.

Published by Brianna

A constant reader, sometimes writer, and forever dreamer. I'm a California native attempting to navigate the flat lands of the Nebraska plains.

6 thoughts on “The Best of the West

  1. Hey guys… looks like a fab plan. I can’t tell on your route if you’re actually coming through Portland, Oregon but if you are make sure to let us know!! We’d love to have you stay with us and hear more about your plans in person.

    1. We’re passing through Bend to see family. Our schedule is pretty tight but we’ll let you know if we can make a side trip happen, those after all are the best parts of a road trip 🙂 Thanks!

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